Maintenance Schedule

Apologies for any inconvinience but Youthblog will be closed for routine maintenance (of the author) until 21st April when a ‘normal’ service will be resumed. In the meantime alternative reading has been provided via the blog-roll and Youthblog thanks you for your patience.
Any complaints should be directed to:
Terminal 5 Customer Services
Heathrow Airport


One Reply to “Maintenance Schedule”

  1. I hope that the maintenance for youthblog is not due to illness that was felt earlier this year, when feeling constantly tired. If it is, th please ensure you have all the necessary rest, as your presence will be missed and our thoughts and love go out to you and your family.
    If it is a holiday on the other hand, please just enjoy that, and enjoy some special time with family, and smile lots, and again know that you are very special to all.

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