Independent Safeguarding Authority UPDATE

More details of ISA registration are now available. The scheme launch is being delayed by one year to make sure they get things right (I guess someone’s learnt some stuff from the Heathrow debarkle and they don’t want to have to send 19,000 youth workers to Milan for re-checking). The go-live date is now October 12th 2009* with the one off cost of registration revealed as £64 (for employed workers, volunteers are free), it will take 5 years to work through everyone that needs registration.
There’s a helpful FAQ page here as a Word download: Your Questions Answered – ISA – 2 April 2008.doc. Or as a HTML page that Mark has usefully put it as on his site.
go live.jpg
*On the left hand side of the web page is has the start date as Jan 1st 1900 but I always consider launching things before they’ve even been invented as tricky!

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  1. No Andy you are definitely not being thick. It was a bit of a surprise to me 3 or 4 weeks ago. It’s been talked about for quite a while but it’s now here (or at least will be in 2009). It’s a national register of everyone who works with young people. You’ll have to be ISA registered to practice.
    The bad news is it’s another layer of beauracracy, BUT the very good news is it could prevent tragedies like Soham.

  2. right best go and read the documents you’ve put up, but is this instead of, or an add-on to crb checks. Is it just a straight forward registration, and how can they ensure that everyone who works with young people is registered. For example, I am self employed, and if I hadn’t linked up to is blog, I wouldn’t have known anything about it. What happens to those who aren’t jnc qualified then as well, do they get striked off any youthwork lists? sounds complicated to me.

  3. Don’t Panic Mr Mannering
    Good questions Andy.
    It’s being administered through the CRB and alonside the CRB
    It has nothing to do with qualifications. It will be free for volunteers but cost dosheroonies for employed folk.
    One of the reasons they’ve delayed it is to allow time for communication, understanding etc etc. You will definitely hear about other than via random blogs.
    Hopefully it’s not going to be complicated and it’s encouraging that it’s being run by the CRB rather than say the Child Support Agency.

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