hälsningar och välkomnande till Oxford

Tomorrow will see yet another event in my life and work happening which can only be filed under ‘R’ for Random. At 5pm on Wednesday I am leading a cultural walking tour of Oxford for a group of Swedish visitors!
“Why?” you might well ask and you would not be alone as I am asking myself the same question!
I am under STRICT instruction not to make stuff up (this is a shame as I consider creatively and spontaneously inventing history as one of my more useful abilities) so I spent last night swotting up on the weird and wonderful history of the city.
For those who know Oxford: I shall be taking the party to Turl Street which is sometimes likened to the Anglican Church going as it does from High to Broad with a bit of Jesus somewhere in the middle.
I shall also attempt not to crack up every time I say cliche’d stuff like, “and on the left you’ll see …… ”
“och pÃ¥ lämnad ska ser du ……….. ”

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  1. Very impressed with Turl Street comment.
    I used to hear official Oxford tour guides making up history as they went around – each guide had different stories.
    In fact, some guides didn’t even know which college was which!

  2. You may find useful… “Forlat jag tala ente Svenska Tala ni Engelska?” (which of course they all will!) and the joy of my daily Swedish phrase on Facebook offers – underbar känsla – (wonderful feeling).
    But of course the phrase you will definitely need is the slang I picked up in Taize “Chill” (pronounced “shill”) which means COOL!

  3. Stu, you made me laugh. I may have to video part of the tour for your amusement!
    Matt, I’ve just completed the final ride round of the tour double checking which colleges were which. Being a lowly graduate of Ruskin (not a real Oxford college) I don’t know the pukka colleges that well.
    The last ride-round went well but I’m slightly cream-crackered now … as bicycles are not allowed across Broad walk and Deadmans lane and in fact the notice says, ‘no bicycle either ridden or wheeled!’ This was not an insurmountable problem as I have a folding bike and so I carried it. Tiring but an effective way of stying within the letter of the law!

  4. …and on the left you’ll see a coffee shop with good coffee but no free wifi, and on the right you’ll see a bike shop. Pfwoar – look at the tyres on that…

  5. JT,
    I’m going hard to go beyond my immediate interests but yes that is a real danger. Sadly I won’t have time to walk them up the Botley Rd to Warlands …. the BEST bikes shop, in the world
    BTW, when are we going to meet up for a beer?

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