Computer games and Young People

I’ve just been reading the Byron report (actually I read the executive summary rather than the whole document) and it’s a good piece of work. Byron has been neither alarmist nor laissez fair, has involved young people and been careful to honestly present where there is ambiguity or lack of clear evidence.
In terms of gaming she suggests that there are possible negative effects of violent content in games, but these only become harmful when children present other risk factors, that there is evidence of short term aggression from playing violent video games but no studies of whether this leads to long term effects and that while there is a correlation between playing violent games and aggressive behaviour, there is no evidence that one causes the other.
This is a logical presentation of the actual data available but she does go onto make some useful recommendations (and particularly taking into account where young people are in their developmental process)
Much to reflect on I think.
In addition: Darren in Australia (quite seperate from this report) has been doing some thinking, read what he has said here