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Greetings friends. Welcome to the site that puts the ‘you’ back into youth ministry the ‘fun’ back into dysfunctional. Hope yesterdays’ April fools jape created at least a modicum of amusement when you logged in at your desk, coffee shop or college lecture!
Three things to report from the world of Youthblog. Firstly to say that I was hugely encouraged and affirmed by the digital scales in the bathroom yesterday when the reading said “Low” ….. sadly they were referring to the battery it seems and not to me.
Secondly a confession. I am going to look at a caravan tonight with a view to investing in this mobile traffic jam technology. The caravan in question is £75 (including the awning) so I’m guessing that it may need ‘a bit’ of work? I guess this is the dawn of middle-age Greenbelting.
Thirdly, the wibmeister has posted his rules/protocol for commenting to his site. Dave will not allow comments that:

1. Attack another individual
2. Are posted with the main aim of advertising the poster’s website
3. Contain allegations that can’t be backed up
4. Contain language I’d prefer not to see on my site
5. Are comments which the poster wouldn’t make to someone else’s face
6. Are a load of nonsense

I’m adopting these too (although I know that someone will point out the I may regularly break rule number 6. in the stuff I post)

and finally, making me laugh:

A case of ‘over use of chart’ to explain a point:

The Caravan guy hasn’t had time to collect the caravan from storage so we are now seeing it at the weekend. ALSO to those who are giving me grief about this remember I don’t see it so much as a caravan, more of a shed on wheels!

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  1. Don’t you mean this is the “awning” of middle-age Greenbelting? That was unusually slow of you!

  2. So, when you were doing the shed you got to number one with creosote substitue – what will it be for the saga of the caravan rennovation I wonder!
    p.s. I do LOVE the chart!
    p.p.s re rule 4 – which languages do you not want? Latin, Aramaic? L33t?
    p.p.p.s I hope I’m not breaking rule 6

  3. Yep I could get really boring on Caravan restoration. I’ve also just finished repairing and re-furbishing a Kayak and was tempted to post about that to gain Google expertise status on Fibreglass matting and resin processes 🙂

  4. really really worried about you now. Quote from March 31st “Not that I’m necessarily thinking of buying a caravan you understand”. quote from April 2nd “I am going to look at a caravan tonight with a view to investing in this mobile traffic jam technology.”
    1) “Investing” in a caravan ?
    2) Short term memory loss ?
    3) Early onset of dementia ?
    Your penance is to sing “Born to a Brownie” now ut loud !

  5. Stu,
    As I’m on a Great Western train in the quiet carriage singing “born to be a brownie” is quite out of the question!
    I would draw your attention to the very deliberate use of the word “necessarily” is the previous statement. But it would be fair to say, “not that I’m not necessarily thinking of buying one.”
    But it’s by no means a fait accompli, especially given that it’s only £75 the shower may not be working and the leather upholstery in the main lounge may be a little dulled or cracked 🙂

  6. Caravans….sleeping accomodation travels with you…..dogs are always welcome….the dining table, doubles up as the base the double bed….the bunk bed is two polls and a piece of canvas wedged cm’s from the ceiling…..the roof vent leaks….family memories.

  7. Just you wait – It’ll all come horribly true just you wait…
    And besides the government has actually said that it wants youth workers to be more ‘outgoing’ anyway. And if you want to keep your charity status – you’ll have to do what they tell you….

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