Well the walking tour went well and I had a lot of fun! I’ve now idea how to spell the Swedish word for ‘warning’ or ‘look out’ but it sounds a bit like ach-ta, I had to employ it several times to stop my guests being impacted by the cycling scene in Oxford.
I was very good and didn’t create any stories from my imagination to embellish the tour. The ironic thing was that Oxford is such an eccentric place that the Swedes were convinced I was making some of it up. I can see their point, for example:
A riot that killed 63 people in 1355 that started when two clergymen beat a landlord senseless for serving bad wine.
A bell that is obstinately set 5 minutes late as Oxford is 5 minutes west of Greenwich (oh and rings 101 times, once for each of the student in 1628?)
The rather high bridge over a very shallow river that students jump off on May 1st (the Police now stop this for the students safety)
The college that bought an entire house to get their brass door knocker back.

It was a fabulous evening though and as we strolled across the meadow and round the back of Merton there was both a cricket game and a croquet game happening in the late afternoon sunshine, nice!