From training to first post

I’ve been invited to deliver a seminar for a bunch of graduating youth workers looking at the move from training to first job in a Church or Christian organisation. My brief is to explore the perils and opportunities, the funny and the absurd, the useful and the watch-out-fors …. but above all to help students be effectively and realistically equipped for their first professional ministry role.
So *adopting Yoda voice*, mmm Wisdom I seek friends?
It’d be good to have some thoughts and gleaned wisdom from those who have joined a Church straight from training. What didn’t you know? What assumptions had you made?
What would you do differently? What was the difference between ‘placement’ role and employed role? Muchos gracias
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Youth Work After Chrisendom

I am looking forward to this book and I’m going to be going to the launch in Birmingham. Here’s the blurb on the book and the launch event …….
“Two years ago we began work on a book that we believe will offer ground-breaking insight to the youth work and ministry of tomorrow.
Youth Work After Christendom is due to be launched in the summer and we would be delighted if you could join us for the Official Launch Event on July 8. We wanted to host something that had real meaning and purpose and so we have put together a programme that we believe will be stimulating, inspiring and informative. The day will include seminars, refreshments, lunch and a free book – all for just £17.50! Full details are in the flier”
launch event flier.PDF

The Youthblog-mobile

For Sale: Former blogger chariot.
Specifically, it’s a Vauxhall Astra 1.6 (Petrol) ‘Club’ Estate in Green. Muchly loved car that is looking for a good home in exchange for £995 in used notes. As I need to sell it to buy the LPG powered Astra I have my eye on I Will negotiate on price or time period for payment 🙂
The car is a year 2000 and an X reg
Mot and Tax until September
Only 2 owners, me (duh!) and previously it was a Motability vehicle
High Mileage but has a fsh (and has been serviced every 10,000 miles)
RDS Radio, electric front windows, adjustable seats, 3 x 3pt rear seatbelts, air bags, roof rails
Good (rather than great) condition, new tyres on rear, no rust.
e-mail me for a phone number and I’ll tell you more.
car 1 200.jpgcar 4 200.jpg
It is the perfect car for youthworkery type deployment. It’ll take 5 people and loadsa luggage/outdoor-ed equipment and the like. I get around 40 mpg from it (but I don’t drive that fast) and it’s never let me down, ever.

Adrenaline for the Soul

Jonny Baker has reviewed Tom Sines new book and on the basis of the review I will be ordering a copy methinks. Jonny flagged up this quote and I love it, a little adrenalin for faith, soul and discipleship anyone ……..
new conspirators.jpg“when jesus began teaching he made it clear that his new empire would be unlike any empire the world had ever seen. it came on a donkey’s back. it’s imperial council was comprised of a handful of unemployed fishermen, a couple of IRS agents, a prostitute and some hangers on. jesus demonstrated how to wield his imperial power by washing feet, telling stories and playing with kids. jesus’ empire is based on the absurd values that the last should be first, losers are winners, and the most influential in the empire should clean the toilets. members of the empire are instructed to love their enemies, forgive their friends, always give twice as much as people ask of them and never pursue power or position. jesus insisted that those who are part of his empire shouldn’t worry about finances, but simply trust god. the resources to run this empire were basins, towels, and leftover lunches. this empire also developed a reputation for constant partying – almost always with the wrong kind of people”
I really like the idea of “Conspirators” …. Working with young people, I think it’s great word for framing and exploring what discipleship might mean.
Captains log Supplemental: You can download some of the talks, conversations and discussions from The New Conspirators conference here, ht to Darren

Only interesting if you live in Oxfordshire

A couple of important things if you live in Oxfordshire:
July 12th is the VERTIGO social action day. It’ll be running from the centre of Oxford along the same lines as last year i.e Meet up, intro to the day and Worship. Bus off to your projects and return at 4 for food, de-brief and celebration. (We are also likely to have a plethora* of Bishops from around the globe with us). You’ll be able to sign up via the website soon BUT you can start gathering together teams of 5 and a leader NOW!
Secondly: Funding for training: If there is some training or learning you want to do then OCVYS have a pile of grants to give out BUT you need to act soon. Don’t be put off by the wording, “Children’s workforce” …. that is you EVEN if you are a volunteer. Details: Bursary Form.pdf and Bursary Flyer.pdf
*Is there a collective noun for Bishops?


Well the walking tour went well and I had a lot of fun! I’ve now idea how to spell the Swedish word for ‘warning’ or ‘look out’ but it sounds a bit like ach-ta, I had to employ it several times to stop my guests being impacted by the cycling scene in Oxford.
I was very good and didn’t create any stories from my imagination to embellish the tour. The ironic thing was that Oxford is such an eccentric place that the Swedes were convinced I was making some of it up. I can see their point, for example:
A riot that killed 63 people in 1355 that started when two clergymen beat a landlord senseless for serving bad wine.
A bell that is obstinately set 5 minutes late as Oxford is 5 minutes west of Greenwich (oh and rings 101 times, once for each of the student in 1628?)
The rather high bridge over a very shallow river that students jump off on May 1st (the Police now stop this for the students safety)
The college that bought an entire house to get their brass door knocker back.

It was a fabulous evening though and as we strolled across the meadow and round the back of Merton there was both a cricket game and a croquet game happening in the late afternoon sunshine, nice!

Greenbelt and new Talent

Here is an absolutely fabulous opportunity for young people. Greenbelt are looking for new talent and there’s an invitation to do your stuff ….. Bands, choirs, singer songwriters, dance groups, theatre groups, DJs, performance poets etc. If young people you are working with (under 18) would enjoy this great opportunity then let them have this link where they’ll find more info.
The G Factor?
Greenbelts got talent?