Weekend of Activity

I had a fun weekend! On Friday night I was out in Chesham at a tween’ group at a Fairtrade chocolate evening and enjoying just being rather than having any specific responsibility. In the last half hour though there were quite a few young people who were getting restless so I popped out to the car to get my emergency-run-a-session-in any-situation-bag. A lot of fun (or Chaos) as we did some balloon modelling. Simo is the expert on this in the diocese but the Young People seemed very happy with trying to make the classic “is it a giraffe is it a poodle?” model with the braver attempting a “parrot in a perch”* (I found the picture of the dino’ on Marko, there’s a model I’d like to try!).
Saturday saw me leading a discussion on a benefice away day on engaging with young people, helping the assembled group to think what building on their work with young people might look like. It was a rural benefice of 9 churches and although their engagement with adolescents was limited they had much to build on. One thing that REALLY impressed me was that in one of their Churches there were “Junior Church Wardens” ….. cool huh!
Last night I was at a great meet-in-a-home type group and leading a session on parents. As per the ‘magpie’ image in the post where I flagged this up, I nicked quite a few people’s ideas and will post the session later in case it proves useful to anyone else.
*the parrot in a perch is just a parrot in a circular stand-on perch, not some Damien-Hurst-esque partialliy digested bird inside the guts of a transluscent fish type deal.