Subteranean Jeep

A quote from the Guardian today that is amusing me:
“But we do fear for the future of our hobby. Eventually, trail riding could be driven underground”.
The article, here, is about 4×4’s and Motorbikes having access to off-road trails in national parks. Apparently the number of routes are diminishing and the TRF (Trail Riders Fellowship) are promoting what they do and actively campaigning. Hence the concern that their sport will be “driven underground!
I need to deliver a lecture today while my head is occupied with the mental image of someone pot-holing in a Jeep Cherokee!

One Reply to “Subteranean Jeep”

  1. Or could it be some sci-fi future glimpsed…
    They could go underground before global warming drives the rest of us? I’m always reminded of ‘hollow earth’ stories when I here of something being ‘driven underground’…

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