Space and Time

web woolhope.jpgI am currently away at Woolhope Cockshoot (the best residential centre IN THE WORLD*) and enjoying the stunning view whilst using the space (chronological and geographical) to some useful ends, namely:
1. Have some Space and time.
2. Prove that I can work from literally anywhere (and in fact, the middle of nowhere)
3. Meet with a Structural Engineer to see if we can stop the building next to Woolhope dramatically demonstrating the theory of gravity.
4. Actually getting some work done towards my M.A
5. Do some much needed cleaning of the centre

Although that list looks kind of busy it’s fine as I started the process last night and I have a whole heap of time which I’m loving. Shalom
* No really, it is!

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  1. Stu,
    An important question! The stereo is the laptop and I have the entire ‘My Music’ folder on random so it’s more of a question of what isn’t?
    Bruce Cockburn crops up quite often though 🙂 and currently it’s Loudon Wainwright the 3rd!

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