Sounds like a job for ………..

Youthblog! To our members we are the seventy fourth emergency service!
ybsucess.jpgI’m loving the networking of needs that happens through the Youthblog page here, fab! Latest success is to find a speaker to the holiday that ‘lost’ theirs? good job! Latest test of the Youthblog emergency service, “Does anyone know of an organisation that could take on the Youth and Children’s programme for a BIG Parish weekend away?” …….. let me know if you do and I’ll forward the answer on to, er ….. ‘Mrs Trellis of North Wales’

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  1. Yes, it’s a paid deal and I certainly hope the church involved recognise that this would have a meaty cost attached to it. The question is about “buying in” a service.

  2. Dear Ian – I don’t know how to say this politely but I tagged you here –
    And the rules are best expressed here…
    I hope you have some, hm, something from this exercise…

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