Seven Deadly sins of Youth Ministry

The seven deadly sins have been in the media recently (Envy, Pride, Sloth, Greed, Lust, Anger, and Gluttony) by virtue of the fact that the Catholic Church may or may not have been exploring some additional ones. Musing on this in a coffee shop (as I kill time before an evening meeting) I thought about what the seven deadly sins of Youth Ministry might be?
I don’t claim this to be the definitive list but here is my Espresso fuelled seven to which I would welcome your additions and rejections.

  1. Making yourself the focus of the youth ministry
  2. Isolating the youth ministry from the life of the Church
  3. Instilling Information not facilitating exploration
  4. Modelling an eternal adolescence
  5. Avoiding accountability
  6. Not maintaining your own inner life
  7. Thinking you have nothing more to learn

7 Replies to “Seven Deadly sins of Youth Ministry”

  1. Thanks for this thought provoking blog.
    As an Evangelist your list brought to my attention that isolation from the life of the church and accountability are 2 major challenges for ‘Fresh Expressions of Church’ where church is being ‘built’ not in a church building, but out in the community.

  2. It is an excellent list. I like number 3 very much but I wonder if the list should include:
    Not listening properly. So many young people need a jolly good listening too.
    I think number 2 is a particular problem.

  3. Brilliant, Ian!
    I reckon a lot of these pretty much work for Vicars, too. I’d work in the listening one, and perhaps mention feedback in (5), perhaps. Many thanks. +A.

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