I’ve just ordered a copy of a new resource from FYT called GLIMPSES!
This is what Nigel Pimlott has to say about it:

“Even though i say it myself, it looks and feels really good: a big 180 page full colour resource packed full of ideas for youth workers to help develop spirituality with supporting dvd for only £13 per copy fully delivered. (A saving of £4 on the full published price)”

Full review will follow but I’m confident enough to plug it now 🙂

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Subteranean Jeep

A quote from the Guardian today that is amusing me:
“But we do fear for the future of our hobby. Eventually, trail riding could be driven underground”.
The article, here, is about 4×4’s and Motorbikes having access to off-road trails in national parks. Apparently the number of routes are diminishing and the TRF (Trail Riders Fellowship) are promoting what they do and actively campaigning. Hence the concern that their sport will be “driven underground!
I need to deliver a lecture today while my head is occupied with the mental image of someone pot-holing in a Jeep Cherokee!

ISA Registration will be needed to work with young people

Although the idea of some sort of registration for youth and children’s volunteers and employed workers has been around for a LONG time, I was gob-smacked to find it’s arrived. The Independent Safeguarding authority web site says there will be a ministerial announcement imminently and the process will begin. All volunteers and workers will need to be ISA registered and cleared, a process that will happen through the CRB system. Roll-out of this will be this year but I’m not sure when?
Thankfully ISA membership will be portable and the registering is going to be phased, started with new people BUT this is massive and I wouldn’t want to be a Diocesan Youth Adviser with the work/flak this may create. (Doh, just remembered I am one!)
Anyway: Hurrah that it helps to protect young people but aaarrrghghgh for the process, and ‘woa’ about how much by surprise it’s taken me.
Public information roadshows explaining the role of the ISA are taking place across the country. Find your nearest roadshow and register to attend.
March 6 Cardiff
March 19 London
April 10 Liverpool
Not quite the licence we speculated about but it will be interesting to see if there’s a future conversation that links registration to training.

New National Occupational Standards for Youth work

core .jpgThe new Occupational Standards are finally released (yay) and you can find them here.
Initial reading looks like they encompass a greater number of skills BUT the emphasis on “and community” in youth and community work seems to have been dialled back and although 3.2.1 is “Engage with the local community” ….. the symbiosis between youth and community work seems to be missing IMHO.
During the consultation phase a number of us had been keen to see ‘spirituality’ finding a place and as Mark pointed out, (thanks) it’s Section 1.1.4 ‘Encourage the spiritual development of young people’

I like the layout and the way that the individual standards are broken down into “Outcomes” “Behaviours” and “Knowledge and understanding!” This should be helpful in training as it’s a useful matrix for reflection and evidencing.
The purpose of youth work as stated in the document is:

“Enable young people to develop holistically, working with them to facilitate their personal, social and educational development, to allow them to develop their voice, influence and place in society and reach their full potential”

I only got to see a copy last night which is a challenge as tomorrow I’m lecturing at Ruskin on Social Exclusion and now have very little time to absorb the new NOS into the section on policy, practice and intervention in ‘youth and community work’ BUT hey ho, ‘if you can’t take a joke you shouldn’t have joined’*

*one of my maxims for life.

Weekend of Activity

I had a fun weekend! On Friday night I was out in Chesham at a tween’ group at a Fairtrade chocolate evening and enjoying just being rather than having any specific responsibility. In the last half hour though there were quite a few young people who were getting restless so I popped out to the car to get my emergency-run-a-session-in any-situation-bag. A lot of fun (or Chaos) as we did some balloon modelling. Simo is the expert on this in the diocese but the Young People seemed very happy with trying to make the classic “is it a giraffe is it a poodle?” model with the braver attempting a “parrot in a perch”* (I found the picture of the dino’ on Marko, there’s a model I’d like to try!).
Saturday saw me leading a discussion on a benefice away day on engaging with young people, helping the assembled group to think what building on their work with young people might look like. It was a rural benefice of 9 churches and although their engagement with adolescents was limited they had much to build on. One thing that REALLY impressed me was that in one of their Churches there were “Junior Church Wardens” ….. cool huh!
Last night I was at a great meet-in-a-home type group and leading a session on parents. As per the ‘magpie’ image in the post where I flagged this up, I nicked quite a few people’s ideas and will post the session later in case it proves useful to anyone else.
*the parrot in a perch is just a parrot in a circular stand-on perch, not some Damien-Hurst-esque partialliy digested bird inside the guts of a transluscent fish type deal.