Nostalgia eh ….. it’s not what it used to be

At the weekend we manged to obtain an old record player and could thus dig out my collection of albums and singles. The children thought this was great and once they’d enjoyed the novelty of records at the wrong speed, really enjoyed the tactile experience of putting the records on and lifting the needle onto the correct track in order to listen to the music. My youngest was frustrated that he couldn’t find ‘side B’ in the sleeve and I had to explain about it being on the other side of the disc 🙂
All good fun and as I hadn’t heard Fat n Frantic, ‘Agressive Sunbathing’ for years, a thoroughly nostalgiac outing. Fab!

3 Replies to “Nostalgia eh ….. it’s not what it used to be”

  1. That just makes me feel old that there is now a whole generation who only know music on single sided silver discs rather than double sided vinyl! Having said that I felt equally old when a friends Doctor Who obsessive son watched some of the old stuff and thought the TV was broken because it was in black and white!

  2. … not a whole generation. My husband has 5000+ records and Daniel, at 17 months, knows exactly what to do with vinyl! He’s started picking out some good tunes, although it’s probably more by luck than judgement!

  3. It’s not what it used to be….
    I remember playing the Christmas Perry Como albums at ever increasing speeds because a) they sounded funny that way and b) the needle might do something merciful as Mother kept warning us and damage the frelling thing….
    I still have found memories of a Christmas…

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