ISA Registration will be needed to work with young people

Although the idea of some sort of registration for youth and children’s volunteers and employed workers has been around for a LONG time, I was gob-smacked to find it’s arrived. The Independent Safeguarding authority web site says there will be a ministerial announcement imminently and the process will begin. All volunteers and workers will need to be ISA registered and cleared, a process that will happen through the CRB system. Roll-out of this will be this year but I’m not sure when?
Thankfully ISA membership will be portable and the registering is going to be phased, started with new people BUT this is massive and I wouldn’t want to be a Diocesan Youth Adviser with the work/flak this may create. (Doh, just remembered I am one!)
Anyway: Hurrah that it helps to protect young people but aaarrrghghgh for the process, and ‘woa’ about how much by surprise it’s taken me.
Public information roadshows explaining the role of the ISA are taking place across the country. Find your nearest roadshow and register to attend.
March 6 Cardiff
March 19 London
April 10 Liverpool
Not quite the licence we speculated about but it will be interesting to see if there’s a future conversation that links registration to training.

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  1. whoah! That was a broadside from nowhere……suddenly we will all be pulling our hair out at more administration.
    Thanks for the heads up Ian… to research a bit now

  2. This has been on the go for a while now – I posted briefly here It originally had the fearsome title of “Vetting and Barring” which sounds like the Spanish Inquisition!
    I really hope it works as intended because it could make things so much easier. Not only can any organisation check to see if someone is ok to work with children, but the information is constantly updated and organisations with concerns about an individual will be able to feed this back to the ISA. However, amongst the waves of hope are some grey areas of concern about who qualifies for access to these records and who can update the information with concerns and how updating information is evaluated.
    And it won’t replace CRB checks. Oh joy!! More forms to fill in! Still, it has the potential to be a good thing.

  3. we have been talking about it here in Rochester Diocese for about a year now. They are saying it is going to be launched this autumn, but that remains to be seen. there is going to be staggered registration period depending on how old your current CRB is…
    every person working with children and young people in any capacity has to be on the register…
    I would love to know if any other country does this!

  4. Of course, they could have just made the CRB portable and continually updatable, like it was originally supposed to be.
    “Big fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite ’em. Little fleas have smaller fleas and so ad infinitum.”
    And so too with umbrella organisations.

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