I didn’t like looking after the baby

elecbabe.jpgMy 13 year old has difficulty with speech (he has Cerebral Palsy) and so it can take some time to gain a picture of his day. We haven’t got to the bottom of who pushed him over today or why, but as he doesn’t seem bothered by this, I guess it’s ok. What we have learned over the course of the evening though is that over his lunch break he had to look after a baby (an electronic doll if I have understood him correctly). We managed to learn that this was part of PHSE and that he didn’t drop ‘her!’ Any attempts though to garner what understanding, learning or reflections he had gained from the experience were unsuccessful. I was therefore delighted when, as he was going to bed, he thoughtfully stated,

“I didn’t like looking after the baby”

Eager to hear his reflection on parenthood (albeit only a brief simulation) I inquired as to why. His response, “Cos’ I wanted to play football!”

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  1. My 14 year old didn’t like the baby at school either because he could not play Rugby with it! Brings vivid imagery to mind

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