Good news, Bad news

darling.jpgWell the budget yesterday was GREAT news for the charity sector as Gift-aid will not be going down with the new lower rate of income tax (thank you, Darling!), a transitional arrangement is being set up which will allow the 28p on the pound claims to be retained! Yay, this is great news for charities, churches and the like, much rejoicing in the 3rd Sector!
So where’s the bad news. Well supposing (hypothetically) as as Diocese you’d just taken delivery of 63,000 leaflets explaining the effect of reduced gift-aid rates. That would be frustrating eh? Doh!
But overall, GREAT GREAT news and of huge relief to agencies and churches who employ youth workers and battle to raise salaries. I say it once again (because it makes me laugh), Thank you Darling!
(Captain’s log supplemental: I made it onto the Church Times blog, way cool)