Blah day in Oxford

CMS/Jonny baker have set up 3 of their ‘blah’ days with Brian walsh and Sylvia keesmaat next term.
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Their book ‘Colossians remixed’ is probably the most remarkable commentary I have ever read! In it they explore how Colossians critiqued and subverted the prevailing Roman Empire, exploring what it has to say into our culture and presenting a call to culture subverting faith. In the book they use ‘Targums’ (a Jewish teaching approach where the text being read is not only translated into the language of the hearers but re-framed for the culture into which it is being spoken) which I think will be a really useful idea to explore as Youth Ministers and Preachers!
Here’s your chance to score some high grade theological professional development, knock four and a half times on this door and say Youthblog sent you
I’m going to the Oxford one (let me know if you are going, need a lift from the station etc)