Accomodation plus stipend plus SHED!

shedsmallcrop.jpgLong term reader(s) of the blog may remember the rivetting (or at least nailing) account of the Youthblog shed and my 15 minutes of fame as the Google top authority on Creosote substitute*. Well you’ll imagine my delight then when I discover that a Youth work job in Oxford Diocese lists among the benefits, ‘3 bedroom town house with garden and shed!’
Dissapointingly though the job spec’ doesn’t show a picture of the shed, I hope though that during the interview process there’ll be chance to see it.
I’m delighted to see shed’s being listed as a perk and an inducement.
More importantly though, please circulate this job spec’ to as wide as audience as possible. Thank you 🙂
* I’m now only 12th on google for “Creosote Substitute”

2 Replies to “Accomodation plus stipend plus SHED!”

  1. So I’m just working on job adverts – should I mention a shed? I’m not sure the church is willing yo provide a shed.
    Ok now it’s got me thinking about sheds…I seem to remember that there was a shed in Cookham that was a shed 50 weeks of the year and a stable two weeks of the year!

  2. Looks like you need to write some more shed related content to boost your placing…
    Having said that, even though we’ve now disposed of the Focus, and I haven’t written anything about it for ages, my site still comes top for a Google search for “ford focus headlight bulbs”!

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