A story is worth 1000 pictures

I nearly bought the Times this morning, This unusual for me as I normally find reading the Times about as dry as eating crackers without cheese (metaphorically speaking). The Times almost pulled me in today though as the picture on the front is SO good (not viewable online sadly) but in the end I picked my usual purchase, The Guardian! I prefer the Guardian to any of the other newspapers. I like it’s coverage, it’s range, it’s questions, it’s wit and it’s pictures but most of all, of all the newspapers, I think it gets the importance of story the most and so allows a story to live (rather than just writing an account). A good picture is still important BUT you can’t trump story. I believe in Story!
And whilst I am, for no apparent reason, occupying a train journey by writing a free advert for the Guardian, what of the other newspapers?
I think the Daily mail should be banned. A journalistic style that is essentially: here is the story (i.e shocking calamity) but you need to understand that the actual issues are single-mums, teenagers, immigrants or all three!
The Telegraph has Matt who is brilliant. I do however struggle with the Tory-graph especially at the weekend when they seem to be stressing over how difficult it is to secure a nanny/maid for the third property in Aspen or marveling at a great new thrifty restaurant where one can actually eat for less (fractionally less) than £75 a head!!!!
Oh and I like the Church Times a lot (especially this week, WHICH has nothing at all to do with the fact that I am quoted several times in it! *laughing*)

2 Replies to “A story is worth 1000 pictures”

  1. Guardian agree, Daily Mail agree….but I read the tabloid size version of The Times to my mum most days and its o.k better than I thought it would be….. fortunately priorities have changed for mum the size of the paper now matters and so the Daily Telegraph got the boot.

  2. …Can’t find anyone who talks up t’Mail. So how come it’s still in circulation? Anyone up for “spot the sad ‘Mail reader”? Aah just remembered. My in-laws read it. splains everything…

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