Old Football Shirts

footy shirt.jpgA friend of mine is heading out to Mexico as part of a 24-7 project. He is going to a hugely needy area where the young people apparently love football, big time!
He’d really like to take them some footy shirts. If you have any that are now too small, wrong team, wrong player etc etc, e-mail me and I’ll tell you where you can send them to (in the UK).
Shalom &
Ta muchly

Making me laugh

Not that I’m necessarily thinking of buying a caravan you understand, BUT I did somehow stumble across an advert for a second hand caravan, for which this was THE ONLY photo to persuade you that it was a worthwhile proposition:
I think it could be a really good deal, I can’t see any marks or scuffs at all

Sex, Sushi and Salvation

sex-sushi-salvationbook.jpgI recently received a free (one of my favourite words) copy of Sex, Sushi and Salvation on the condition that I wrote some sort of review. I’m a much more voracious reader than writer which has delayed any reflection BUT in addition I found it hard to compose a review in my head (which is what I tend to do) as there was one part of the book I struggled with.
Christian George is clearly an interesting guy and it would be fun to spend time with him I think. The book is an energetic serving of metaphor, reflection, Biblical exposition, honesty and challenge. At times it feels like a cross between a stream-of-consciousness and an impromptu sermon, but overall it reads as a story-fuelled, well woven together, call to Christ-centred living. I found this a fun book to read and liked the Coupland-esque layout with indented quotes and a related quote at the start of each chapter. The energy, passion and messiness (in a good sense) also drew me in. It’s pitched at the kind of level that older adolescents would also enjoy engage with I think.
I did struggle however with Christian’s criticism (and in my opinion mis-representation) of Brian McLaren and the Emerging Church. This to me was not in keeping with the tenure of the book and rankled in my mind with the book’s pursuit of a living, questioning, engaging and real faith.
On the whole though, a good book and an engaging piece of communication for those who have ever considered the existential themes of sex, sushi or salvation, I’m glad I read it.

The Notices are a bit camp today

Er, the notices!
sailnsurf.jpgThe legendary Wayne of Scripture Union asked me to mention their holidays and especially the promotional video they’ve put together (he also asked for a specific plug for GET REAL, a holiday for 14-16 year old), details in ‘continue reading.’ Talking of camps, one teen’ camp that’s made a a huge impact on my former youth group (so much so that some of them now lead it) is SAIL n SURF up in the lake district, if you know young people who want a water sport based venture then I’d HIGHLY recommend it. Oh and while I’m doing plugs, I could still do with a few more leaders for YELLOW BRACES (July 4th-6th) and there are still places left on the young leaders programme.
I’m not doing a summer camp this year as such but will be at GREENBELT (yay) and if you want to be Greenbelting too PLEASE note this is the LAST day for discounted tickets.

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Nostalgia eh ….. it’s not what it used to be

At the weekend we manged to obtain an old record player and could thus dig out my collection of albums and singles. The children thought this was great and once they’d enjoyed the novelty of records at the wrong speed, really enjoyed the tactile experience of putting the records on and lifting the needle onto the correct track in order to listen to the music. My youngest was frustrated that he couldn’t find ‘side B’ in the sleeve and I had to explain about it being on the other side of the disc 🙂
All good fun and as I hadn’t heard Fat n Frantic, ‘Agressive Sunbathing’ for years, a thoroughly nostalgiac outing. Fab!

IJT direct

mp4.jpgOk this may sound like another one of my money making ideas BUT that’s probably because it is. However this is a win-win situation ‘cos it’s a good recommendation 🙂
I recently discovered IJT direct who supply some electronic gadgets, printers, cartridges and memory cards …. all at EXTREMELY good prices. I have one of their 2gig MP3 players with colour display that was £17.95 including postage, and is fab!
Anyway, have a look. If you are thinking of spending over £25 e-mail me before you order, I send your name/ad as a referral, they contact you and we BOTH get a £5 Marks and Spencers or Tesco voucher! Job done!
The only weakness I can find with them is that they are not the fastest at delivery, but given the prices that seems like a worthwhile compromise.

I didn’t like looking after the baby

elecbabe.jpgMy 13 year old has difficulty with speech (he has Cerebral Palsy) and so it can take some time to gain a picture of his day. We haven’t got to the bottom of who pushed him over today or why, but as he doesn’t seem bothered by this, I guess it’s ok. What we have learned over the course of the evening though is that over his lunch break he had to look after a baby (an electronic doll if I have understood him correctly). We managed to learn that this was part of PHSE and that he didn’t drop ‘her!’ Any attempts though to garner what understanding, learning or reflections he had gained from the experience were unsuccessful. I was therefore delighted when, as he was going to bed, he thoughtfully stated,

“I didn’t like looking after the baby”

Eager to hear his reflection on parenthood (albeit only a brief simulation) I inquired as to why. His response, “Cos’ I wanted to play football!”

Women in Youth Ministry

Details of the Sophia network, specifically a couple of gatherings and a request for info.
If you are a woman you can click on ‘continue reading’ (If not, you can’t …… obviously I have no idea what it says as I averted my eyes when copying and pasting the info)

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