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I was chatting with a bunch of teenagers about the names of bands, we were discussing which bands had really cool, original and creative names. Not the best groups ……. just some of the greatest names.
Some examples they came up with included ‘My Chemical Romance,’ ‘The Foo Fighters’ and ‘Super Furry Animals’
Musing on this I decided my list would include:
The Mighty Wah
They might be Giants
Earth, Wind and Fire
Transvision Vamp
The Men They Couldn’t hang
The Velvet Underground

So for fun friday, your fav’ band names please. Oh and if you are looking for further amusement I highly recommend Vinyl Sleeve heads where people combine themselves and their albums into a photo! (eg above). Now that’s something you can’t do with a CD!

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  1. 5 from me !
    The Teardrop Explodes (from a Marvel Comic)
    Hope Springs Eternal (90s Christian band)
    Chagall Guevara (Art / Politics)
    Barenaked Ladies (all-male Canadian group)
    White Cholera (check out Rogue State on Youtube)
    and the worst….Crowded House

  2. After your recent post can I also offer Camera Obscura… [still on repeat BTW]
    – Arctic Monkeys
    – Backstreet Boys (sorry – just kidding)
    – Bedouin Soundclash
    – Dogs die in hot cars
    – Flaming Lips
    – Future Kings of Spain
    – Hoobastank (listen to The Reason)
    – Hot Chocolate
    – Orchestral Manouvres in the Dark
    – Scouting for Girls
    – Tangerine Dream
    – Wham! (cheesy, but a great name)

  3. If you are after cheese, how about the good old yellow and black Christian metallists: Stryper (which they claimed stood for Salvation Through Redemption Yielding Peace, Encouragement and Reconciliation)…
    Kudos too to the obscure Christian Skiffle Band – Fat and Frantic (even made it onto ‘Going Live’ on Saturday BBC)
    Then there were all the ‘the’ bands such as The Who, The Jam, The Police, The Stranglers and then brilliantly The The.
    And more in line with previous posts:
    Deep Purple
    Stiff Little Fingers
    A Flock of Seagulls
    Or you could always try the brilliant Band Name Generator: http://www.bandnamemaker.com/generator/ It’s book!

  4. Oh there are so many. the classic has to be – bonzo dog doo da band.
    I found some other stuff online and picked out some good ones :
    CHUMBAWAMBA – In a band member’s dream, he didn’t know which door to use in a public toilet because the signs said “Chumba” and “Wamba” instead of “Men” and “Women”
    DEXY’S MIDNIGHT RUNNERS – named themselves after the slang term for a pep pill called DEXEDRINE even though the band themselves had a policy of no drink or drugs!
    DURAN DURAN – named after a character in the Jane Fonda movie Barbarella.
    EVERYTHING BUT THE GIRL – from an ad for a British clothing store that would sell you “Everything but the Girl” that you saw in the ad.
    HOOTIE AND THE BLOWFISH – from the nicknames of two friends of singer/guitarist Darius Rucker – one with owl-like eyes (Hootie), another with the puffy “Blowfish” cheeks.
    THE MIGHTY MIGHTY BOSSTONES – This ska/punk band from Boston originally called themselves the BOSSTONES in tribute to their hometown. An ad for one of their gigs called them “The Mighty Mighty Bosstones” and it stuck.
    SOUNDGARDEN – A garden of kinetic sculptures that makes music when wind blows through them… a sculpture in Seattle called “Sound Garden”.
    Interesting origins at http://library.thinkquest.org/4626/rock.htm

  5. What about
    Steve Taylor and Some Band – christian 80’s to 90’s group…
    Joy division
    The Jam (what a name!)
    Motor Head (offshoot of …)
    Hawk Wind…
    The Lost Dogs (christian country and western – yes I did say that)
    these last two would fall into the ‘Heavy Metal’ camp purely on the historic grounds that they were ‘heavy’ back then… just like that bluesy band –
    Deep Purple – already mentioned..
    By the way ‘Chagall Guevara’ was also a christian band…. (one of the main members was Steve Taylor…)
    But I think I’ll end with two of my favourites and a couple thrown in for free…
    Adam Ant
    The Bonzo Dog (doo-dah) Band
    Two Lone Swordsmen
    Hopefully some folk will recognize each of these names even if not everybody recognizes all of them…

  6. My favorite band name I have ever heard was
    Tubular Luggage.
    I have never heard any of there music but it is an awesome name.

  7. Personally I preferred Ultravox! (note the exclaimation mark present before Midge Ure joined and ruined them musically as well as artistically)
    I’d also go with Half Man Half Biscuit, …And the Native Hipsters, XTC, The Clash, X-Ray Spex, Bang on a Can. Shall I go on?

  8. Yes please – particularly interested in groups with an exclamation mark in the title, if they ever lost it, and whether the loss of it had any influence on their music. Thank you.

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