Textonyms are book

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I picked this up via Random Chris: A new language is being developed by mobile phone-addicted kids based on the predictive text of their treasured handsets. Key words are replaced by the first alternative that comes up on a mobile phone using predictive text — changing “cool” into “book”, “awake” into “cycle”, “beer” into adds”, “pub” into “sub” and “barmaid” into “carnage”. (direct quote from this article)
In a desperate attempt to be hip (*laughing*) I shall of course be adopting Textonyms in the text of Youthblog (book, eh?) and as any attempt to type ‘pew’ with T9 predictive txt produces instead, ‘sex’ ……. you can expect some quite weird writing when I’m referring to the seats in Churches 🙂

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  1. Although I use predictive text (who doesn’t?) I have learned my lesson well and check everything I send – never relying on it predicting the word I was thinking of.
    Try typing “Ricky Rew” using predictive text and you’ll see that it produces “Shaky Sex”. Shortly after we married my wife sent a text to her mum and thought she’d proudly signed off “Mrs Rew”, she was shocked to discover that she’d actually signed off with “Mrs Sex”. I can still picture the look on her face when she realised…

  2. One of my friends has a proper welsh valleys accent. She pronounces both ‘ear’ and ‘year’ as ‘yur’… and (to bring this back into context, why this post reminded me of it and therefore had to share this story) ‘pew’ is pronounced ‘poo’ and ‘pure’ is ‘poo-er’. Oh the pointing and laughing…

  3. I propose a new texting language for those who have Blackberrys and iPAQs with a full querty keyboard – grammatically correct in every way, with proper punctuation and spelling.
    Oh, the fun we will have and the lack of misunderstandings 🙂

  4. Ray,
    Made me laugh but *ding* thank you for playing as your assertion that your new language would be grammatically correct turned out to be rendered gramatically incorrectly. Your sentence would require the phrase, ” …. lack of misunderstanding” rather than adding an inaccurate pluralisation!! *laughing*
    Yours, being a bit of an annoying smart-arse
    Ian. TTFN
    Txt tlk 15pts – Grammatical plea 0 points

  5. Thanks for the link Ian. Have you tried using it to leave messages for other staff in the office – certainly they won’t have a clue what you’re on about!

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