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Here goes with a mega splurge of what’s what and what’s not in the Universe of Youth Ministry. If there’s helpful stuff for you here then great, if not please complain to the Managing Director of the World Wide Web!
Er ……..
If you were at the SoulNet retreat this weekend then I hope you had the best and most refreshing of times (and made it out of the pool for some of the programme?), let me know how it went eh? The LOVE edition of Streetbrand magazine is about to come out! The Youth Alpha Conference is coming up fast, 21st – 22nd of Feb I think?
I’m at a consultation conference thing at Windsor on the 21st – 23rd Feb on Aids and Young People, is anyone else going or am I going to be a Norman-no-mates? There is a Youth work training weekend at ‘London School of Theology” on April 11th – 13th, if you are interested send an e-mail to LBC.
Christian Solidarity Worldwide have launched a youth resource project called Outcry, wanna know more? click here.
Scripture Union have launched Word Live, kind of the Bible to-go, the word in drive-thru convenience!
I was invited to do a session on e-youth work at Chester University for the Christian Youth Work course, looking at use of Social Networking et al. Sadly I have no Thursdays free this term so I’ve had to decline BUT they still URGENTLY need someone. Let me know if you are willing, able and suitably equipped and I’ll pass your details on. Ta

Of Diocesan Interest only:

Mentoring Training and Intro in Buckinghamshire. Download file
The Forgiveness Project visits Reading University in February. This is a very powerful exhibition and some great opportunities to for listening and interaction. Could be dynamite for an older youth group. Details here.
And Finally: (a competition)
YS Marko is in London this week! 5 points for spotting him, 15 points for a photo with him and 30 points for a mention on his blog!

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