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  1. We did a great session on the theme of parents for 11-14s over a year ago. I can only remember this activity which led us to discuss what our parents should decide for us. We had a wall labelled ‘my parents can decide this for me’ and one labelled ‘my parents can’t decide this for me’. They then each had a set of slips of paper with things like ‘time on the internet’ ‘when i do my homework’ etc and a piece of bluetac. They had a few minutes to stick each slip on the wall they thought it should go on. I also colour coded the slips of paper so we could see at a glance if the young people generally agreed with each other.(i.e. all ‘time on the internet’ slips were red)
    The young people loved it, and it led to a good discussion afterwards.

  2. Parents are human too!
    I remember defending a lay reader in an URC church as he talked about family within the christian ideal – and the argument was that a friend argued that there might have been folk there who had less than perfect parents.
    The defence? I had rather pointedly listened to the sermon and it had included the very big caveat that not all have perfect parents but that we can talk about how family should be, within the christian teachings…

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