Mobile Internet

wifidongle.jpgAs a work across and around 3 counties it’s useful for me to be able to work from anywhere rather than always bouncing back to the office. Work provide me with a laptop but in order to legally find a bore-hole into the internet I need a subscription to a hot-spot provider. Up until now I’ve been handing over £11.75 a month to BT for membership of BTopenzone which means I can access the web from any McDonalds (boo!), Starbucks (slightly more Yay), Motorway service stations (OK apart from needing a mortgage to buy a coffee) and Bracknell Leisure Centre! This has worked pretty well other than the MyCloud partner sites are very unrelaible and also that BT sometimes sends me to places where they believe they have a hot-spot when in fact, they don’t.
Vodafone have an offer out at the moment though which makes the BTopenzone membership look a bit lame. For £15 a month I can have internet access through the phone network and thus can work from virtually anywhere, even Woolhope Cockshoot. So I have canclled BT, embraced Vodafone and am thus highly mobile and free of my bondage to McDonalds, hooray. The offer is here if you are interested and it’s worth pointing out to them that they are only the same price as the “3” network and that “3” give you the modem free!
Vodafone give you a 3 gig a month allowance which is a whole bunch of browsing (they do hit you hard if you trespass beyond that though). Also, the USB dongle has wannabe i-pod styling but works brilliantly, completely plug and play from the box.
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