It’s adults, not Young people …….

Rowan writing in the Guardian today (full article here)
“But, as the report’s findings show, children still value actual physical companionship – which is why they want places to meet that really belong to them, or at least don’t belong to adults who want to exercise constant and critical scrutiny. This ought to make us think a bit about what makes public space feel unfriendly to the young – and to realise that this includes the attitudes of some adults. The use of ultrasonic dispersal devices – the Mosquito, audible only to those under a certain age – is a sad example of an indiscriminate and knee-jerk response to a perceived problem, which only deals at best with symptoms, not causes. The Buzz Off campaign against these devices, which is strongly endorsed by the children’s commissioner, deserves wide support.”

4 Replies to “It’s adults, not Young people …….”

  1. The only thing I find slightly suprprising about this, is the report finding that young people want that physical get together thing, as they spend time on msn, or facebook or that kind of thing, which would sugget that they no longer want or need that physical necessity.

  2. When the Mosquito device and the campaign against it was in the news, “Today” on BBC Radio 4 demonstrated what it sounds like: ” ”
    A classic bit of radio!

  3. I’ve got it as a sound file on my phone and occasionally set it off for fun in various settings. The only downside is that my wife can hear it – so I get in trouble ;o)

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