ich habe die besten zeit gehabt

Aha …… I’m back.
Wow, have my son and I had fun; it was an awesome adventure! The whole trip came together really well right from the generous hospitality of a Youthblog reader and his family (thanks Paul) prior to the flight through to great fun travelling, fun in the mountains, mad snow, great laughs, wonderful hosts on a farm in Austria and a good journey home! I’m back at the computer trying to focus on the e-mails not drift back in my mind to the mountains.

This is the farm/gasthof where we stayed

Having only experienced a light dusting on snow where we live in the south my boy was so excited that there was a couple of feet or more for miles around. He still was thinking in terms of English snow though and our hosts were highly amused when he came down to breakfast excitedly shouting, “wow, the snow is STILL here!
We did some sledging (including some good wipeouts in whiteout conditions) but my boy was happy just being in the snow whether it was snowball fights (lots), walks, exploring or just being. He also got a real kick out of walking across the frozen crust of the snow drifts knowing that he could confidently bound across the surface but an adult was too heavy and I’d wade from newly created crater to crater as my feet sank.
For those who know my long term efforts to learn German, you’ll be amused (incredulous) to know that it is starting to come together and for the most part I didn’t need to revert to English. I make no claims about grammatical accuracy though 🙂

(thanks to everyone who has asked about the trip ……. you are duly warned that I am armed with photo’s and stories of the adventure and ready to inflict them on people at a moments notice)

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  1. And you’re not going to get any snow over here – seems to be that the snow is going west of our area.
    Actually, I do like the mountains – we’ll hopefully make a diversion up to Jasper for a couple of days when we’re over in Canada in a few months time – might be a little bit of snow left there too.

  2. It’s a shame the snow will miss us but I can’t complain having had the enormous privilege of being surrounded by the stuff for a couple of days.
    Hope you do get to Jasper, mountains are good for the soul 🙂

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