Depth Retreat (post match report)

depthsmall.jpgI spent the last two days co-leading the DEPTH retreat for Youth and/or Children’s workers from the Diocese of Oxford. We had a fantastic group who really engaged with the process of the retreat and took seriously the fact that they were contributors as well as recipients.
The venue was Windmill Farm
The programme was geared around 4 main sessions (Now, New, Who, How) that formed the reflective matrix to look at what was and could be happening in each of the ministry situtations represented. The framework came from this book, Deep Ministry in a Shallow World and we bought a copy for each of the delegates. The matrix it provided was really useful in giving an opportunity and impetus for reflection as well as setting up 4 distinct phases for some useful input.
My favourite part though was when we gathered around the fireplace in the evening and told stories of people who’s lives had impacted us or of encounters with young people that had challenged and informed our faith.

For those who wanted a copy of the chart that compared and contrasted 3 different types of Youth Ministry, it’s on p184 of Contemplative Youth Ministry in Appendix 1.

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