Confirmation Preparation

One of my favourite churches in the Diocese is a wooden building that sits in the middle of a less affluent area of Oxford. It has a long history with the community and as far back as I can find information, young people have been at the heart of what the church is about. (They have these wonderful photo albums going back 30 years that record the life of the church and community).
What really impressed me though was their confirmation prep’ with a bunch of young people. The young people and the leaders made a series of mosaics whilst talking about faith and life, exploring what being a christian means. The mosaics were then incorporated into the screen at the front of the church. I really loved this whole approach as:
> It involved creativity and doing
> It involved conversation and discussion in the context of being and working together
> It produces a method that promoted discussion rather than just the imparting of information
> When the work was incorporated into the fabric of the building it communicated volumes to the young people in terms of them being welcome and part of that worshipping community.

confirmation screen.jpg
Fab eh!