Church Weekend gig

I spent last weekend at a hotel in Bournemouth (you may recall the ad’) running the youth programme for a Church away weekend. The Church had specifically gone away to look at who they were and where they were going; for the chance to pray, reflect, dream and think together. Some of the sessions were all together and some involved separate groups ……. hence why myself and a fellow Yoof Wurka were working with the young people.
As part of that process we explored what the building blocks of church (community and mission) needed to be (ht to the Jonny Baker blog where I half-inched the Jenga idea from). The young people to make pipe-cleaner portraits of themselves representing the gifts, abilities and attitudes they contribute to the life of the church. We also did an impromptu trip to the beach where we wrote in the sand on the waters edge some of the important stuff of church and faith that easily gets lost or washed away if we are not committed to it.

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  1. Fantastic! I can ummm… borrow this stuff for our monthly youth service Passion[fruit] service on Sun. We are looking at the living church and I am helping with prayer responses… loving it.
    Thank you…
    I knew there was a reason I was looking at blogs in work time!

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