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Over here in the Youthblog corner of the blogosphere I use Moveable Type as the programme that enables my mix of pics n’ scribble to appear on your screen in at least as legible a form as when I created it. Moveable type is GREAT but always a bit ahead of my technical abilities, there are very few widgety shortcuts. For example every time I add (or delete) anyone from the blogroll I have to go into the template and play a game of html. Major changes are even more complex and I’m reliant on the help of a friend who understands CSS and other such geekery.
youthblg c.jpg
For a long time I have coveted* a 3 column format and felt that my blog is a bit, well …… 2003. All attempts so far to go three column though have involved bits of code then clashing with each other and the Youthblog front page looking like a drunken donkey painted by Picasso when he didn’t have his glasses on. However this week will see another attempt at messing with the DNA of the coding and attempting a tri-columnic format. Watch this space, and if it in anyway resembles Picasso Donkey, please let me know.
(* and repented, obviously)

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  1. Mark,
    Thanks for that. I appreciate the tip
    I’d seen this site but one of the comments at the end of the 3 column article maintains it doesn’t work? This is one of the probs’ with MT is that changes need to be made in multiple areas and because each existing set up has parts that are already unique things don’t go according to instructions.

  2. Thanks Miz 🙂
    Actually, given the choice I’d go for Typepad, the hosted verstion of MT. It’s stylish, idiotproof, intuitive BUT it costs money 🙁

  3. I’d recommend going for WordPress, got my blog, and the Affirming Liberalism site set up using that. Beth is using the hosted version for her blog at too – all free.
    Having said that, I rarely see your front page – tend to read all your posts through Google Reader now – only see the site when I comment. 🙂

  4. If one considers how much web site hosting costs these days, TypePad is a steal at $4.95/month.
    But most importantly, TypePad gives you total control of your web site, right down to the exact HTML, Javascript and CSS you desire. What to run ads on your site? You can. *And* you collect the proceeds. does not allow you to run ads and is permitted to run ads on your site without your knowledge, whenever it chooses.
    So it is free? Yes. I suppose – depending on how you define “free” I guess.

  5. I am just in the process of changing everything around. I am hoping to be over at word press with a new domain. Just having problems getting the domain sorted!

  6. However you change the layout of the site, could you please change the colours too? I also read the site through Google Reader, but when I come here to read the comments I get a headache and stripy eyes because of the white text on a black background. Arrghh!
    Reminds me of a blackboard at school – at least get a bit up to date and go with a whiteboard ;o) (or perhaps you’ll argue that this is an interactive whiteboard!)
    I have no experience of Moveable Type, but if you need any html or css assistance let me know.
    Good luck with it all.

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