Random Bible tag

bible_light_above_md_wht.gifAlice tagged me on a Biblical type thread. My reply below and feel free to consider yourself tagged if you’d like to blog this one
1 What translation of the Bible do you like best?
Er, the NIV (and particularly the one with ALL my notes in) for study, The NLT when I’m working with Teens, The Message for it’s idiom and energy and the KJV for using the word “dung” in Philipians (the NIV loses marks here IMHO for translating the word as “rubbish”)
2. Old or New Testament?

Difficult to understand one without the other (he remarks in a slightly piously theological smart-alec way) but on balance it has to be the NT as there’s less that just plains weirds me out)

3. Favorite Book of the Bible?

“It’s all good” quote Rev Lovejoy ….. but if pushed, John!
4. Favorite Chapter?
John 1

5. Favorite Verse? (feel free to explain yourself if you have to)

Not sure I’m comfortable anymore with lifting verses out of their context so my answer to this one is the same as above, John chapter 1

6. Bible character you think you’re most like?

Timothy (apart from the obvious chronological non tie-up, i.e he was young)

7. One thing from the Bible that confuses you?

The Old Testament and Revelation
8. Moses or Paul?

9. A teaching from the Bible that you struggle with or don’t get?

The trinity (I mean I kind of do but at the same time I’m convinced that anyone who says they REALLY gets it means that they don’t)

10. Coolest name in the Bible?
Habakkuk (which I seem to remember can mean “embraced” or “garden vegetable”)

Depth Retreat (post match report)

depthsmall.jpgI spent the last two days co-leading the DEPTH retreat for Youth and/or Children’s workers from the Diocese of Oxford. We had a fantastic group who really engaged with the process of the retreat and took seriously the fact that they were contributors as well as recipients.
The venue was Windmill Farm
The programme was geared around 4 main sessions (Now, New, Who, How) that formed the reflective matrix to look at what was and could be happening in each of the ministry situtations represented. The framework came from this book, Deep Ministry in a Shallow World and we bought a copy for each of the delegates. The matrix it provided was really useful in giving an opportunity and impetus for reflection as well as setting up 4 distinct phases for some useful input.
My favourite part though was when we gathered around the fireplace in the evening and told stories of people who’s lives had impacted us or of encounters with young people that had challenged and informed our faith.

For those who wanted a copy of the chart that compared and contrasted 3 different types of Youth Ministry, it’s on p184 of Contemplative Youth Ministry in Appendix 1.

We are Sailing

swallowsnams.jpg A Scripture Union holiday in the Easter holidays has lost it’s speaker. I said I’d post it on the blog in case you found said missing bod’ …. or failing that were willing to be involved yourself.
The holiday involves a few boats sailing around the Norfolk Broads from the 5th – 12th April with a bunch of 13 – 16 year olds. The role involves leading quiet times, giving some talks and leaping majestically from boat to boat in a pastorally supportive sort of way. Being able to speak Pirate or being able to tie Bowlines are not pre-requisites (though if you are thus equipped they might, in some bizarre and as yet unimagined scenario, prove useful).
More details from me!

It’s adults, not Young people …….

Rowan writing in the Guardian today (full article here)
“But, as the report’s findings show, children still value actual physical companionship – which is why they want places to meet that really belong to them, or at least don’t belong to adults who want to exercise constant and critical scrutiny. This ought to make us think a bit about what makes public space feel unfriendly to the young – and to realise that this includes the attitudes of some adults. The use of ultrasonic dispersal devices – the Mosquito, audible only to those under a certain age – is a sad example of an indiscriminate and knee-jerk response to a perceived problem, which only deals at best with symptoms, not causes. The Buzz Off campaign against these devices, which is strongly endorsed by the children’s commissioner, deserves wide support.”

Blog envy

Over here in the Youthblog corner of the blogosphere I use Moveable Type as the programme that enables my mix of pics n’ scribble to appear on your screen in at least as legible a form as when I created it. Moveable type is GREAT but always a bit ahead of my technical abilities, there are very few widgety shortcuts. For example every time I add (or delete) anyone from the blogroll I have to go into the template and play a game of html. Major changes are even more complex and I’m reliant on the help of a friend who understands CSS and other such geekery.
youthblg c.jpg
For a long time I have coveted* a 3 column format and felt that my blog is a bit, well …… 2003. All attempts so far to go three column though have involved bits of code then clashing with each other and the Youthblog front page looking like a drunken donkey painted by Picasso when he didn’t have his glasses on. However this week will see another attempt at messing with the DNA of the coding and attempting a tri-columnic format. Watch this space, and if it in anyway resembles Picasso Donkey, please let me know.
(* and repented, obviously)

Mobile Internet

wifidongle.jpgAs a work across and around 3 counties it’s useful for me to be able to work from anywhere rather than always bouncing back to the office. Work provide me with a laptop but in order to legally find a bore-hole into the internet I need a subscription to a hot-spot provider. Up until now I’ve been handing over £11.75 a month to BT for membership of BTopenzone which means I can access the web from any McDonalds (boo!), Starbucks (slightly more Yay), Motorway service stations (OK apart from needing a mortgage to buy a coffee) and Bracknell Leisure Centre! This has worked pretty well other than the MyCloud partner sites are very unrelaible and also that BT sometimes sends me to places where they believe they have a hot-spot when in fact, they don’t.
Vodafone have an offer out at the moment though which makes the BTopenzone membership look a bit lame. For £15 a month I can have internet access through the phone network and thus can work from virtually anywhere, even Woolhope Cockshoot. So I have canclled BT, embraced Vodafone and am thus highly mobile and free of my bondage to McDonalds, hooray. The offer is here if you are interested and it’s worth pointing out to them that they are only the same price as the “3” network and that “3” give you the modem free!
Vodafone give you a 3 gig a month allowance which is a whole bunch of browsing (they do hit you hard if you trespass beyond that though). Also, the USB dongle has wannabe i-pod styling but works brilliantly, completely plug and play from the box.
(PS I get no commission for this plug at all BUT if you are interested in home broadband and/or phone then I still get commission from Plus.net)

Understanding Tweenagers, some fieldwork

Did some advanced behavioural science observational fieldwork with Tweenagers over the weekend looking at socialising and peer interaction when Tweens experience both high levels of excitement and sleep-deprivation.
OK, in truth all that was a long winded way of saying my daughter had a sleepover (or a “talk-over” as we prefer to call it). Great fun had by all BUT it took me a long time to drag my carcass out of bed this morning!