Youth group moments

I was at a community youth group last night and one of the challenges was for the guys was to be making and cooking a pudding during the evening (Recipe, ingredients and help already on hand). They duly and chaotically produced a ‘Pineapple Upside down pudding!’ ……… the only oddity being that they decided that no-one likes pineapple so they produced Pineappple Upside down pudding without the Pineapple. Very tasty and made me laugh. And all this I should add to a constant karaoke session that consisted mainly of ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’ again and again 🙂

3 Replies to “Youth group moments”

  1. Yes, which is one of the things that amused me. The net result (from the recipe) was still in theory an upside down pudding BUT with no reference to which way is up or down.
    But it was very tasty and MUCH more succesful than a Pizza evening I did with my group once where they all competed to produce the most outlandish combo of toppings with the net results that they were ALL utterly inedible!

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