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phonpic2.jpg I worked out recently that we were paying quite a bit of money to BT but I wasn’t quite sure why it was so expensive when we only have the line for broadband and the odd phone call. We have been with force9 (now for a couple of years for the broadband now and found them to be excellent. I decided to give them a go therefore in supplying the phone line as well and ditching BT. This has been absolutely BRILLIANT, we now pay 24.99 a month and get broadband, phone line and all evening and weekend calls to landlines FREE. (I had worried that this might mean that other phone calls might be more expensive but this hasn’t proved to be the case, in fact I think they are cheaper than BT). You also keep your own number and there is no change in sound quality.
I’d probably tell you this anyway ‘cos I’ve been really impressed BUT there is an added incentive at the moment in that if you sign-up before the end of January I get a referral bonus 🙂
If you’d like me to tell you more about then give me a shout and if you do sign up, PLEASE e-mail me for my home e-mail address so I get some referral money, thanks!

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  1. Don’t like to disillusion you, but you are still with BT – well sort of. Since January 2007 PlusNet has been a wholly owned but independent subsidiary of BT…
    Having said that, I’ll happily back the recommendation. Although I’m using Zen at home, the Church broadband has been using PlusNet for years.

  2. JT,
    Glad to know you are still happy with dial-up. This post that you’ve responded to however was from last week but I guess it’s taken this long for your comment to upload from your computer 🙂
    Shalom (live from the 21st century)

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