One Click from Danger

This looks like a useful programme on the BBC tonight, One Click from Danger.
“Panorama returns with an investigation into how paedophiles are using the internet, and social networking sites in particular, as a means of grooming unsuspecting youngsters for sex”
Panorama: One Click from Danger, Monday 7 January 2008, BBC One 8.30pm.

: Please ignore the annoyingly symbiotic mutual back scratching approach of linking back to someone who linked to me BUT Richard has a good write up of the programme with some added reflections and links!

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  1. watched programme last night, and ought they handled it really well. Showed everything in fair light, and I hope and pray that some teenagers watched it as well, as they may well have had their eyes opened, as they even interviewed someone who used to trawl the internet for teens. I know that Youth Blogger has been on about this issue for some time, and last night showed everything really well.
    Still leaves the question, do we get involved iwth these sites or not? If we do do we say they are ok, and thus allow, and give permission to others to use them as well, and if we don’t do we miss out on a large section of young people’s lives? Tough Tough tough!!!!!!
    I used to have a myspace account, but haven’t been anywhere near it for some time, the other thing that wasn’t mentioned too much was msn, and this falls into the same catagory to me, again you can meet anyone on msn and just don’t know who it is half the time. meeting in places such as games village that msn proide, offer the same opportunities as myspace and facebook or bibo, if not a greater opportunity as here is no protection there at all to the best of my knowledge.
    tough questions!!!!!!!

  2. I watched the program and thought it was excellent. I thought the advice about…. Can you describe (in real terms) the person you are communicating with?…plus the common space idea is good too….I often get told to stop reading the computor screen!! (by one of my teenagers) when infact I have merely past the computor screen and my eye contact has inadvertently looked at the screen momentarily.

  3. I think the programme is a great ‘wake up call’ for youngsters who watched it. It perhaps makes them more cautious when next time going on social networks.
    For parents it is also a wake up call as parents will inform their children of the dangers of social networking. I think this is were the problem stems from parents and children not being informed about the dangers of the net.

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