Now we are seven

300px-Lockheed_SR-71_Blackbird.jpgThe age of seven is a rite of passage in our household. It wasn’t intended to be, it just kind of worked out that way.
When my eldest was seven I happened to get two free flights to Austria and thought it would be fun to take him sledging. The first he knew about it was when I woke him up at five o’clock in the morning and asked him if he’d like to go to school or maybe he’d prefer to fly to the mountains for some snow and sledging. He signed enthusiastically that an adventure would be fun. We had such a laugh even though the travel was really tough. He couldn’t walk much at that stage and I vividly remember carrying him in his special needs buggy (while I was wearing a huge rucksack) up and down the staircases at Austrian railway stations. The whole trip turned out to be a really special time though and I have very fond memories of our adventure.
Returning home, my daughter who was four at the time informed me that she was looking forward to being seven and going on a aeroplane adventure with me. This she didn’t forget and we went to Germany (her request) to visit a good friend of ours. Again it was a glorious and treasured adventure. (My daughter knew where she was going BUT in keeping with the newly formed tradition didn’t know when we were going until I woke her up early one morning).
Anyway, my youngest boy is seven and although he briefly mentioned the “seven year old adventure” on his birthday last year, seems to have forgotten all about it. However I have managed to get a couple of flights to Austria for the end of the month and we’ll be heading out for two days full-on-max-fun-laughter-filled sledging. I’m really looking forward to seeing his face when the time comes to wake him up and tell him.
In the meantime if you know him, don’t tell him please, oh and if there is a Youthblog reader who lives within 40 miles of so of Stanstead and could offer us a floor to crash on the night before the flight, that would be FAB!

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  1. My dad flew me to Scotland and we spent the day skiing on mini skis. And it was magical, one of the happiest times with my dad. OK, I wasn’t 7- I was 17 but nearly 30 years later it still gives me fond memories. You are a great Dad.
    Ps. I live 20 miles from Stansted. I’ll email you.

  2. Hey Ian I was about to offer a place to crash as well, but we don’t have a spare room and it would have to be the futon in the living room. And Daniel rises reasonably early… The offer’s there if you need it!

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