JRF study on young people and Cannabis

Well worth a read, read the summary here.
“The researchers conclude that cannabis supply among the young people was social rather than commercial, and not linked to more overtly criminal drug markets. However, cannabis use was embedded in their social world. Change in the drug’s legal status may have little impact”

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  1. That quote pretty much sums up my feelings and (limited) experience of the drug world. British drug culture is not primarily shadowy professional drug dealers lurking in New York alleyways, but a network of (probably unhelpful) friends. Consequently, I have always had a healthy scepticism of youth workers who claim to “know who the local drug dealers are” – and suspect that they don’t really understand very much at all.
    Another quote, from a book called Altered State (by Matthew Colin), in a chapter on Leah Betts, who (coincidentally) lived and died in a small village where I had (2 decades earlier) gone to primary school:
    “Essex police poured huge resources into tracking down the dealers… Thirty-five officers were involved in an investigation which lasted over a year… the only people who were convicted of supplying Ecstasy to Betts were three teenagers – her friends… Each had admitted the offence; none went to prison.” (Altered State, 2nd ed, pp.302-3)

  2. I have worked for a Christian outreach for the homeless and have had a great deal of interaction with drug addicts and dealers! Whilst much ‘dealing’ is between friends, there is always going to be the actual supplier. (Usually) he is a horrible beast and the reason for growing gun crime in our cities. How many youth have been murdered in the Britain in the last year? Don’t know when Altered State was written but it seems out of date, or an admission that Essex police are poor detectives.

  3. Meant to add that most of the clients of our Christian outreach (visited by well over a hundred drug addicts each week)started there ‘social’ drug scene with the use of cannabis.

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