I was thinking about a time when I was at a big swimming pool complex (you know the ones where there are so many flumes, waves, sprays, jets, showers and the like that you can’t actually swim). Specifically I was thinking about the flumes and then, one in particular. It had a name that should have been enough to warn me (you know something like ‘Vortex’ or ‘Plughole’ or ‘Organ donor’) but it looked OK. I launched myself into the tube and thoroughly enjoyed the first couple of seconds of water washed incline. However after turning the first corner it pitched down at the kind of angle normally associated with free-fall parachuting and, had the breath not been sucked from me would have ellicited a scream that could have been heard several counties away.
Anyway January has suddenly turned a corner on me in much the same way, I was sliding through the month at a balanced pace and then whoosh, it’s REALLY REALLY sped up. Being this busy is not my favourite way of being and I have to be very careful that I don’t embrace my preferred modality of procrastination.
There is good stuff hapenning as part of the high speed January flume experience though so I can’t complain.
The blog came up trumps and I had an offer of accomodation before my trip and an answer to my lonely hearts ad.
I’m seeing the ABC* next week along with my fellow Diocesan Youth Bods, oh and the conference I am on next week includes an excursion to the ‘Curry Mile’ in Manchester. Also the new computer arrived and I am a BIG SCREEN Vista user, very cool and Vista is not that bad, in fact it’s pretty decent (but don’t think about having less than 2 gig of Ram dya hear!). I have also been thoroughly heartened today by reading about Steve’s ministry among purchasers of new mops!
* ABC = Archbishop of Canterbury (who I have met before and respect ENORMOUSLY)