Christians Together on Climate Change

hotglobecc.jpgOn the 16th February in Reading is an event by the above name. It looks like a really good day with a great range of people involved and some key speakers, workshop leaders. I’m hoping to be there.
I’m flagging it up for two reasons:
a) You might like to go/take a group to the whole or part of the day
b) There is real scope for a group(s) to be involved in the market place area putting on some interaction, campaigning fun type stuff (ideas available).

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  1. Prayer is a traditional habit always done by anyone regardless of his religion in times of misery . Crisis is now felt globally, more organizations emerge bringing their own programs and project..But still, the effect is there.. The World Water Forum just held a meeting. The World Water Forum just met for the fifth time in Istanbul (not Constantinople) to talk about the state of the world’s water. The amount of water in the world seems to be receding. Before a shortage happens, most world governments agree that something needs to be done about it, even if it means taking out a payday loan or two to help out. Changes in the world water supply have been brought about by climate changes. The consensus among the political and scientific community is that we have to get every nation in on the World Water Forum. So why did Istanbul get the water works? That’s nobody’s business but the Turks.

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