A Splurge of INFO

The next edition of Jam magazine is out! If you were hoping to go to the Soulnet retreat then *ding* thank you for playing BUT you missed the deadline. If you are thinking of coming to DEPTH then the deadline is fast approaching.
Today is another Go MAD day, get in touch with Andy for more details and to feed back stories. If you are in Buckinghamshire your teenagers still have until March to apply for funding that will make a difference to their communities and/or provide activities, e-mail for application pack.
The ALTON TOWERS day for 2008 is May 10th and the line up of bands includes Delirious, Sanctus Real and RPM Live.
An encouraging campaign from Suffolk Police that aims to promote communication not stereotyping of young people!
carttonist in res.jpg
And finally: When the Lambeth conference decides to appoint a cartoonist is residence, you have to be encouraged eh (even more so when it’s the Dave). Fab!