2008 eh?

2008 eh? Without wishing to sound like an old fart (but doing so nevertheless), can you believe it’s 8 years since the millennium and that we are now seriously well established dwellers in the 21st Century. Weird?
I had a great Christmas and New Year, it was a mellow time with family and friends full of laughter, food, silliness, rest, serendipity and the like; in fact shed loads of Shalom, fab!
I read this quote over the holidays, “The universe is made of stories, not atoms* ” and really like it both personally and for it’s resonance with youth work practice. Anyway it got me thinking about the stories that made up Christmas and New Year and how so many of these stories are part of bigger and older stories …… and in fact how few of these stories actually stand alone as bloggable events. Great moments and stories from the last two weeks include though:
+ Playing indoor Curling with friends
+ Discovering a new and very mellowly-quaffable red wine
+ A duel between a radio-controlled rat and a radio controlled Aston Martin**
+ A late night stroll with three teenagers (one of whom was my son)
+ Our annual family viewing of “Muppet Christmas Carol”
+ Two full-on Turkey Christmas dinners with our families
+ A mellow New Years eve all age feast including a game of pass-the-parcel with forfeits.
+ A mad dance/sing Christmas freak out with my children
+ Being with friends where humour is fuelled by 20 or more years of shared experience

Anyway, I hope you’ll forgive this self indulgent musing 🙂 I do however wish you a New year where the stories matter more than the atoms …. and where we write great new stories across the parchment of the 21st Century
happy new year.jpg
* Muriel Rukeyser
** The Astom Martin technically won but had the centres of gravity been equally low I reckon it would have been a different story!