Need to know

CYM (Oxford) are doing a bit of research into Student Placements and helping both students and placement churches to be clearer about needs and expectations. I thought this would be useful fodder for the blog here. So:
As a student, what questions do you wish you had asked before committing to a placement? If you were writing a checklist that needed ticking, what would be the lists of essential components that a church needed to have in place for a successful placement.
Conversely, what should students know about working with a host church?

Now I know how JK Rowling feels

I have a big grin on my face today as I got a royalty cheque from the Grove booklet I co-authored with Ruth Hassall. We sold 850 books in 2007 (contrary to popular rumour my mother didn’t buy anywhere near 200 copies) and my half of the royalties is the big fat cheque (below)! The Milky Bars are on me!
OOooops gotta go, my agent is on line 2 😉

A little bit of German

deutschflag.jpgLong term readers of this blog know that I have been learning German for a LONG time! I’ve got beyond the “How are you and where is the train station?” phase but am a LONG way from being able to engage in philosophical and theological debate**
With the impending trip to Austria though I am working as hard as I can to improve. This consists of ALWAYS having “Deutsch Plus” playing in the car while driving and having random and confused conversations with our German house guest. I can even venture into the past and the future now (yay) although seperable verbs and I have a mutual dislike, mistrust and misunderstanding.
The problem is though that the better you become the more bewildering the mistakes you can make. Back in the day my linguistic howlers were simple and obvious like trying to ask someone if they were ill but actually asking if they were a cupboard, oh and due to some getting the words for wind and air mixed up and the words for a flat and an idea, I have with some authority stated that skiing in Scotland isn’t great as there is too much air, and responded to many questions with, “I have no apartment!” Nowadays my mistakes are so complex I’m not sure where I have gone wrong, I only know from the laughter that my phrase has elicited that I may have not got it quite right!
I also have a problem in that I have never been able to find a German term for ‘youthworker’ so I have to make up a profession instead (suggestions welcome!). But I continue to learn …….. and when my german runs out I can always revert to sign language or a deftly delivered, “I’m sorry I have no apartment?”

**Although I could always just look thoughtful and ask, ja aber haben wir verstanden, die Frage? (yes BUT have we really understood the question?), that’d work for most discussions I think 🙂

Schools work

Don’t know how I’ve not picked this one up ’til now (doh!) but here it is, ……….. exactly what it says on the can! If you’re involved in Christian schools work then I’d say it’s a must BUT even if you’re not it’s great (check out the links page)
Note the story telling tour in June (dates below)
June 7th
Hosted by: SWYM, South West Youth Ministries.
Venue: Woodlands Christian Centre, Belgrave Road, Clifton, Bristol, BS8 2AA.

June 14th
Hosted by: Pais Project.
Venue: thefaithworks; 210 Oldham Road, Failsworth, Manchester, M35 OHH.

June 28th
Hosted by: Nottingham YFC
Venue: Oasis Christian Centre, Derby Road, Long Eaton, Nottingham, NG10 4LL.
July 5th
Hosted by: LICC, London Institute for Contemporary Christianity
Venue: LICC, St Peter’s, Vere Street, London, W1G 0DQ.

A Splurge of INFO

The next edition of Jam magazine is out! If you were hoping to go to the Soulnet retreat then *ding* thank you for playing BUT you missed the deadline. If you are thinking of coming to DEPTH then the deadline is fast approaching.
Today is another Go MAD day, get in touch with Andy for more details and to feed back stories. If you are in Buckinghamshire your teenagers still have until March to apply for funding that will make a difference to their communities and/or provide activities, e-mail for application pack.
The ALTON TOWERS day for 2008 is May 10th and the line up of bands includes Delirious, Sanctus Real and RPM Live.
An encouraging campaign from Suffolk Police that aims to promote communication not stereotyping of young people!
carttonist in res.jpg
And finally: When the Lambeth conference decides to appoint a cartoonist is residence, you have to be encouraged eh (even more so when it’s the Dave). Fab!