The Episode where Ian witters on a bit

A week until Christmas eve, I just thought I’d mention it! I’m afraid this is one of those posts where I am just wittering, but for the hard-core Youthblog reader(s) you’ll know that the boring stuff is really important as it means than when/(if) something interesting comes along it feels even more significant.
lightjar.jpgThanks for the concern for my health, I was/am genuinely touched by the concern, prayers and thoughts. I hopefully get the hospital results this week (although I am never good at passing examinations*) but am actually in work today after feeling lousy all weekend and reluctantly missing Vertigo (which I’m told went well). I still have little energy.
But IT’S CHRISTMAS! We put the decorations up as a family last night and our lounge looks wonderful. There were a couple of creative touches to the whole thing that I loved so I’m going to tell you about:
1. Trawled the internet for loads of large Chrismassy pictures, a mixture of arty crib scenes, cheesy santa pictures, snow scenes and anything else that was Christmas-esque and put them in a folder. Then used Windows ‘Picture and Fax viewer’ to run them as a slide show so our computer shows a series of seasonal snapshots. (At the same time I have windows media player playing randomly from the Christmas music file which ranges in style from the sublime to the ridiculous having a HUGE range of yuletide music**)
2. Filled up a jar with a chain of christmas lights and some baubles, it looks really ace IMHO.

* See vague entry on CV to ‘A’ levels ‘taken’ rather than ‘A’ levels ‘passed’
** Apart from, obviously, Chris de Burgh’s ‘A Spaceman came travelling’ *shudder*

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  1. Does your yuletide music include “fairytale of New York”, and do you have the short-lived Radio 1 faggot-less version? What a great song (when including faggot).

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