Oh Fooey

fooey.jpgMy post about not being well and being generally and irrationally tired seems to have struck a chord. My silly suggestion of a new network named ‘FOOEY’ (Fatigued order of ordinarily energetic youthworkers) has proved more resonant than I would have imagined. So, welcome to FOOEY (the network that starts working when you stop) and here’s it’s logo (well at least until Hanna Barbara decide to sue me for half-inching one of their characters).
Shalom my friends, prayers and thoughts are with you
(BTW I’m at work but definitely not firing on all cylinders)

5 Replies to “Oh Fooey”

  1. May I enquire as to associative membership? I cannot claim either to be a employed youth worker nor have fatigue induced by youth work, rather I have prior fatigue exacerbated by a compulsion to persist in youth ministry.
    Yours, etc

  2. hehe … do u think we could do a graph correlating blog posting levels with fooey sypmtons? Something to do with being SAT not running around??

  3. The graph on this is complex as FOOEY symptons can lead to radically decreased OR radically increased blogging depending on proximity to a computer while in the throws of acute FOOEY.

  4. Like the FOOEY logo….the question is simple and direct …..the character so brilliantly represents fatigue.

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