Not the full shilling at the moment

I’m tired of feeling tired! For the last couple of months I have been running well below parr and waking up tired in the morning, being tired all day and going to sleep as early as is possible after sorting out the rest of the herd. It’s not over-work, it’s not lack of sleep and it’s not a lack of time off, it’s just a thing; feeling like I’m running on not very good budget batteries from a market stall when I’m normally Duarcell* equipped. To further compound the situation, being tired all the time is so, ….. well ………. er, tiring!
I hauled myself off to the Docs yesterday though and was then sent onto see the photographer and the vampire at the local hospital. I am now waiting for these chest X-ray and blood test results.
Oh, yep: There was a point to this! If you are waiting for work and information from me it may be slightly delayed, sorry! ‘Normal’ service will be renewed as soon as I find some energy.
CAPTAIN’S LOG SUPPLEMENTAL: Hospital results back and nothing bad showed up (at least that they were looking for). I am therefore in the encouraging position of being ill but with nothing actually wrong with me, huzzah

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  1. Same thing is happening with me. Went to doctors, referred to hospital and today had million tests there. Back after Christmas for results. Hope it goes well, and you find out what is going on soon.

  2. Sorry to hear that Chris, You can sign up to my newly created network called FOOEY! (Fatigued order of ordinarily energetic youth workers). You are member number 2.
    There is no newsletter ‘cos everyone is too tired to produce one but regular nonsense via blogs is expected, oh and a discussion on the usefulness of Lucozade and Vitamin C will probably ensue.
    the network that starts working when you stop

  3. Just wanted to pray that God would protect you and your family, bring healing and peace and give you a sense of his loving presence

  4. Sorry to hear you are not so good, praying for you and the family. You do a fantastic job at supporting eveyone and making us feel like the minsty that we do is important and that it makes a difference.

  5. Can I be FOOEY member number three? I have a doctors appointment on Friday. Took some holiday last week, came back to work feeling worse!

  6. D’you know FOOEY sounds much more exciting than “it’s a virus” – and from what I read may be more serious too!! I thought this “lurgy that won’t go away” (LTWGA-not a new rail service!!) is just “end-of-term-itus”. I wonder if GPs have special manner for exhausted youth workers/Advisors?
    Am getting good at ‘resting in Him’ – it’s getting off my behind and sharing His ministry that’s tuff at the mo!!

  7. Just pull yourself together you work-shy fool ! (Does that rule me out of being a member of FOOEY (Hong-Kong or not?)

  8. Seems to be a common thread amongst youthworkers, in that tiredness and flakiness, lack of energy, aches and pains, all seem to come as part of the job dexription that none ever told you about or even put in that job description that you signed up too. Strange though you are right, no matter how much sleep, no matter how much time off, no matter how much you delogate and relax a bit, the tiredness always seems to be htere.
    recently I have started going home in the evening, spend a little bit of time with my kids, eat dinner, then almost immediately fall asleep. no reason what so ever, quite annoying really, sleeping well enough at night, not overly stressed at work, things more positive than usual, and nothing stopping me from relaxing, don’t understand eally, guess we maybe never will. Keep going though, don’t give in, push on through, aren’t those the usual thing sthat come out at this point, well not form me, not seriously anyway, no idea what to say, but there seems to be a number of us, ummmmmmmmmmm, reflection time maybe, reflective practice masters not relaly helping me out on this one, never mind i’ll go way now and be quiet.

  9. I couldnt agree more! I have been back and forth to the doctors like nobodies business! I am so exhausted! Many mornings, I physically cant get out of bed! And the other day, I did eventually manage it, then I sat for breakfast adn thought, oh cdear, 14 more hours awake before I can go back to sleep! Nightmare! In fact, I only managed 2 hours, then went back to bed for 3! Advantage of working flex time!

  10. Am I too late to join FOOEY? I think I qualify for membership…..Fatigue,’Oh so tired’,’Out of it’,Energeticless, ‘Yet unable to stop…’.
    Praying for you all. Its just a thought and normally routine at doctors now (as a parent whom did not pick up the signs when son developed diabetes a few years ago)…make sure they test urine for ketones……some symptoms of diabetes are ..fatigue, thirsty, possible weight loss,dry mouth, generally run down…

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