Evan Almighty

OK so I am a big slow off the mark having missed Evan at the cinema, but I’ve now caught up and we saw the film on DVD on one of our family film nights (Sofa +Laptop + hot chocolate).
I LOVED THIS FILM! Now I know watching it as a family modifies my critical viewpoint (and that hearing my eldest boy laughing like a drain at the visual humour is as much fun as watching the film) but this is a great piece of film making. I won’t spoil the plot (largely because the trailer does a good job of that already) but I thought the film was fun, endearing, silly (in a good way), had a great message and best of all …… great theology! There’s some brillant stuff to explore on, how God answers prayer, Calling only making sense looking back and how shallow in fact, consumerism, power and appearance are!
Very clever too, how the ‘ARK’ becomes an achievable challenge for all of us (you’ll have to watch it)
Watachability for a youth weekend:
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Usability for session/discussion:
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