Tweenagers the next step

I had an awesome day at Baptist House Oxford yesterday, not just ‘cos they serve a fantastic meal at lunchtime(sausage and mash with a choice of 5 different types of sausage, oh yes!) and that there is a wi-fi signal, but because the consultation on Tweenagers was useful, informative and interesting!
The group represented (more or less) the Anglicans, The Baptists, FYT and CYM and gave a great opportunity for sharing good practice, reflecting on the questions that arise and looking at the learning and equipping that still needs to happen. (Wow, that was a bit management speak, bleeeuuugghgh). In more concrete terms, some of the questions that emerged:
heel.jpg> Can an effective ministry to Tweenagers happen ONLY on a Sunday?
> Do Tweenagers get overlooked/lost somewhere in the childrens work/youth work divide?
> Are Tweenagers catered for (or missed) in current youth and children’s governmnetal strategy?
> How do we develop models and practice of Discipleship for Tweenagers? (Real gap in resourcing and writing?)
> What impact should work with Tweenagers have on our ecclesiology?
> How do we hekp churches to engage with the fact that so many Tweens leave Church because they ‘grow out of it!’?
(I was also reflecting that there needs to be some distinction between early Tween’ and Late Tween,’ both group still ‘between’ Childhood and teenage but expressing that and experiencing that in a different way)
Peter Brierely has done a great job over the last 4-5 years highlighting the issue from a statistical presntation and implication standpoint. Is there a need for a ‘Tweenagers 2’ training tour that is much more about equipping?
I guess that’s a lot of questions rather than answers but this is a good thing BECAUSE I can now draw on your considerable wisdom and experience (yes, YOU) and I’ll have to go back to Baptist House again and work further over a thoroughly good lunch* 🙂
* and a great dessert