The Tween Scene

effectmintotweensrealsmall.jpgI’m off to a consultation today on ‘Tweenagers’ at Baptist House which should be, a) fun and b) useful. The book has led to some interesting discussions and invitations ….. and even sold a few copies (I’m planning to buy a Mars Bar with the royalty cheque). Funniest thing last week though was an e-mail from the British Library who wanted to clarify some details as there is more than one author called Ian Macdonald apparently. I ended up reading the e-mail several times to see which Youthblog reader was trying to pull off a grade 1 wind-up, it did however appear to be genuine.
I’m still doing more work on the ‘Tween’ phenomena and implications towards an MA so if you come across any research or material, I’m very VERY happy to have the relevant links or titles.
The other great thing about studying Tweenagers is that my home is currently an effective laboratory where they can be observed in their natural environment 🙂 We had a great laugh yesterday when my daughter had some friends over and we got an old military parachute to turn the ENTIRE lounge into a labyrinthine den!

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  1. How very distrustfull to suspect one of us was trying to wind you up with a e-mail from the British Library! As if any of us would do that…

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