The Sophia Network

The Sophia Network has launched, huzzah. If you are a woman and are in ‘youth ministry’ then you should check them out:
“THE SOPHIA NETWORK aims to celebrate women in youth work and ministry, what we have achieved and what we are contributing to the kingdom of God. We want to increase the visibility of women in youth work, making the wider church aware of the fantastic work that women are doing. The Sophia Network will enable women in youth work to connect with each other, share skills and experiences and offer encouragement and support”
This question forming in my mind though. If there were to be a mens network for Youth Ministry, what greek word would be appropriate? If the women are summarised by “wisdom/knowledge” then what about a suggestion for the men?

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  1. Here are a few ideas to get the creative juices flowing:
    Englebert: means ‘angel, famous, bright’ (I just love the idea of a network being called ‘Englebert’)
    Angus: means ‘one choice’ (cos men can’t multitask)
    Xavier: means ‘new house’ (perhaps a euphemism for a shed; would also probably be the only network in that letter in an alphabetical list of networks – if such a thing exists)
    Joseph: means ‘he will enlarge’ (referring to the male tendency towards middle-age spread and beer bellies)

  2. I think Nick has a calling there. I look forward to the Englebert network. Alternatively…
    Jesse – means “gift” and I like the tree connection
    Adam – means “man” after all!
    Gabriel meaning “strong man of God”
    Elijah – meaning “my God is Yaweh” and he had that whole mentoring Elisha thing going
    Theodosius – meaning “giving to God”
    Guys, with all these great names, I think you must to go for it!

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